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LEGO becomes Bilofix.


In 1957 Karl Georg Kirk Kristiansen was appointed as head of the plastics division and Gerhardt Kirk Christiansen was head of the timber division of LEGO. In 1958 died founder Ole Kirk Christiansen on 67 years of age. Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, has taken over the lead about LEGO from his father in 1958. At this time there were 4 brothers in LEGO: Gerhardt, John, Karl Georg and Godtfred.

(Photo: BrickFetish)

The name LEGO BILOfix was registered in 1959. It was in this same year that LEGO decided to accommodate all "non-brick" LEGO products under the brand name BILOfix. Gerhardt Kirk Christiansen, was the manager of this branch of the production. The name is an abbreviation of "billions of wooden toys. The wooden beams BILOfix has become known for, were developed by Gerhardt.



On February 4, 1960, burned the wood section of LEGO for the third time. After lengthy consideration it was decided to stop the production of wooden toys. This lead to the decision of two of the four brothers, Karl Georg and Gerhardt to leave LEGO and start their own business. In the 28 years that made LEGO toys wooden toys were never sold outside Denmark.

Gerhardt Kirk Christiansen founded the company BILOfix in Kolding, Denmark, in February 1962. There was a new 3250 m2 factory building and 90% of production was sold to Scandinavia, Italy, the United Kingdom and Germany.


Old Toy Shop with LEGO logo and at the right BILO-TOY text.

Old English Catalog of BILOfix, click on the picture to open the catalog.

News from LEGO. (From an old brochure from the 1950's)

LEGO system has worked since the beginning for safe and essential toys in the toy industry.

LEGO's enthusiasm and the resulting success has ensured that LEGO SYSTEM now is been sold in 12 countries.

When the buying public today in the shop asks for LEGO, the seller is very clear that the customer wants LEGO System.

LEGO system is in full development. The system will be expanded, new opportunities are added. With our knowledge of future developments as background, we have decided to create a very clear dividing line between the two concepts of LEGO to know LEGO SYSTEM and LEGO wooden toys.

Therefore, all wooden toys from Billund in the future will be launched under the name: BILOfix.

For our dealers will be a great advantage to have an appreciable increase in sales of LEGO System products. We think we know that this operation, the Danish toy industry an extra card in hand for a good future ...

As explained above, we will from Billund 2 brand supply:
LEGO System and BILOfix 

The components.

The wooden parts of BILOfix are made of birch wood. The plastic parts are made of ABS plastic. This is the same as that which LEGO is made from.

1966: Bilofix becomes Bilotoy.

In 1966 the name BILOfix was changed to BILOtoy probably because it seemed too much of a similar product called Baufix. Baufix still exists and the mark is dating back to 1954, that's five years before the creation of BILOfix.

(Photo: Digitalizar)


BILOtoy products were also sold under the brand Revell toys from 1969 to 1972. The name was soon shortened to Bilo sometimes followed by 'tec', the new merger BILOtec arose. Revell, however, decided in 1973 that they did not go furthet with the Bilo products because the high price by the Danish manufacturer that Revell held "not acceptable for the German market." Therefore Bilo was given another name: "HANSEtec. Take a look at some HANSETec products on this page!

BILOtoy earlyplay.

BILOtoy products were also sold under the brand Revell toys from 1969 to 1972. Revell also made a new version of BILOtoy  with the name: BILOtoy earlyplay, a productline especialy voor small children. Here is an old catalogue about these toys:

For more information about these toys, please visit the BILOtoy setlist!

BILOfix and BILOtoy parts.

When the name BILOfix was changed into the name BILOtoy, they used the same components, but the molds were slightly altered. And on a very simple way: the word 'fix' has been scraped, what causes a block behind the word Bilo. We have some examples here. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

We have found also some elements in witch the whole word 'BILOfix' was been scraped away, what causes a block on that element. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.



Geman Bilofix catalogue from 1966, found on Brickfetish