LEGO Mursten Catalogue. 

After the Danish trade magazine Legetøjs-Tidende visited the Billund factory in 1950 they wrote that “Plastic toys will never take the place of good, solid wood toys.” But, in retrospect, it appears that they may have been wrong: plastic consumer goods, including toys, were starting to gain public acceptance in Europe. Lego saw a dramatic spike in plastic toys sales in 1952 and by 1953 they accounted for nearly half of the company’s revenue.

Despite their success with plastic toys, the Automatic Binding bricks were still not selling very well. At most they accounted for about 5–7% of total sales. In 1952 Godtfred decided that they needed a more descriptive name and he added the phrase “Lego Mursten” (Lego bricks) to the boxes and in 1953 the sets were renamed simply Lego Mursten.