LEGO System by Samsonite: Gears

Samsonite has in years 60 and 70 the license to use, to import and distribute Lego in the U.S. and Canada. Samsonite made some themselves. Among others, the Samsonite gears are made by the company itself. Therefore the Samsonite gears are different from the European sets.


Samsonite Gears/European Gears

Samsonite Gears

European Gears


Samsonite Gearssets

001 Gears, 43 elementen, 1965
002 Motor Pack, 1965
003 Master Mechanic Set, 418 elementen, 1966
005, Discovery Set, 328 elementen, 1968
103, Imagionation Standard Set, 576 elementen
104, Imagination Deluxe Set, 737 elementen
105, Imagination master Set, 917 elementen
322, Educational Gear Set