LEGO System by Samsonite: Jumbo Bricks 1964-1972

Samsonite has before LEGO came with Duplo bricks, her own baby and toddler LEGO on the market: LEGO Jumbo Bricks. These stones are much larger than the current LEGO Duplo bricks. They are bigger than a Duplo stone and less than a Quatro stone, they are exactly in between. The disadvantage of these stones is that you can not combine them with other LEGO formats, you can not use them with LEGO or Duplo bricks to build, you can use only Jumbo bricks to build. Besides the stone Samsonite also came with a cart for the Jumbo Bricks, Number 042 contained a cart. The Jumbo bricks come in two sizes: 9.5 x 4,7 x 2.8 cm  and  10 x 6 x 2.5 cm

Dimensions of a Samsonite Jumbo Brick

Old LEGO logo on the studs....
Length = 4 Inch (10 cm)
Width = 2 Inch (5 cm)
High = 1 Inch (2,5 cm)
The bottom of a Jumbo Brick
Jumbo Bricks zijn er alleen in 2x4 nops steen formaat.
Jumbo Bricks are only 2x4 studs format.
The Jumbo Bricks come in red, white, yellow and blue


Samsonite Jumbo Bricksets

041, Pre School Set, 1964
042 Pre-school set, 1966
044, Jumbo Bricks, 1969
060, Jumbo Brick Schoolset, 1969
105, Beginner Set, Jumbo Bricks, 1964
300, Jumbo Bricks, 1972