Triton Ferguson Model Tractor, ca. 1951.

LEGO worked together with a company named 'Triton', in de 50ties. This company put the Tractors together and boxed them for LEGO. Triton also made her own parts, like a transport-item and a plough. We have also found a cultivator from the brand 'Hanse' witch seems a copy form the LEGO cultivator. We don't know if it is a illegal copy or, like Triton, a licensed copy. We know BILOfix, the wood division of LEGO, was renamed HanseTec, so it seems like a legal copy to us, but we aren't sure.  


Triton was a very small factory (oneman) and only 1 or 2 machines to make toys on. They did business together with LEGO and were allowed to produce the LEGO tractor but without the LEGO 

name on it. So the tractors from Triton are without any name on it. There is only name on the box. Then they made the plough and the coltivator as LEGO and their own milkcarrige 

(not wood as LEGO but of plastic).




Triton tractor accessoiries:

The colour case is from the German factory BASF who delivered plastic to the Triton Factory.