Model cars Chevrolet 1:40, ca. 1952.

The 900 series Model cars were 1:43 scale cars and trucks based on Chevolet prototypes and produced during the early to mid 1950ís. The assortment included a number of cars, delivery vans and flatbed trucks. 

The vehicles consisted of a zinc metal base and a plastic chassis. Several models featured a clockwork motor and the Kabelstyrede Modelbiler featured steerable front wheels that could be controlled by a spring cable (the 950 Kabelrat).

The Modelbiler were quite popular and perhaps the most important of the plastic toys prior to the indroduction of the System i leg. These large models also served as the inspiration for the smaller 1:87 vehicles produced several years later.

These trucks were the first LEGO products inwitch wood was combined with plastic

Vans: In 1953 a Chevrolet Van was released as first model car.

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962/972 M or H: Green Police Van 

966/976 Green Van "Brod-Bager".

965/975 M or H: Post Van Red

960/970 Ambulance Red


968978 ESSO Van red/964 ESSO Van red

967/977 "Gilbarco oliefyrsservice" Van red

962/972 Milk Van cream



965/975 "Lys og Kraft" Van blue


960 M or H (Norsk edition) Coca Cola Van Yellow

963/973 Post Van yellow


961/971 Ambulance black


Chevrolet Truck model short:

908 Truck with BP tank.




903 BP Truck with gasbottles. (trailer 903P can be combined with this model)


906 Military Truck

904 Kull og Koks Dumptruck (trailer 904P can be combined with this model)

907 Animaltransport truck. (Trailer 907P can be combined with this model) Some plastic animals were sold with this truck.


901 ESSO truck (trailer 901P can be combined with this truck)

908 ESSO truck with tank


902 Milktruck (Trailer 902P can be combined with this model)

905 Dumptruck "Lillehammer" blue/yellow

Chevrolet trucks accesoires:

902P Trailer for milktruck cream


901P till 907P box with short trailer.



901P Trailer red


907P Trailer Animaltransport red


905P Trailer "Sten & Grus" blue


902a Loadingplatform milktruck cream

903a Loadingplatform green with BP print.

907a Loadingplatform animaltransport

903a BP tank 

901a till 908a Box with short loadingplatform or tank

950 loose steeringcable 


Chevrolet Trucks long model accesoires:

913a Trailer green


914a Trailer black

918a Trailer (tankmodel) Esso

915a Trailer blue


Trailer creme

Chevrolet truck models long:

Box with model 911a till 916a                     Box with Chevrolet truck long model and short trailer

918 BP tanktruck

913 Truck with trailer green 


911 ESSO truck with trailer red


918 Esso tanktruck 

912 Truck with trailer cream



914 Truck "Kull og Koks" with trailer black


915 Truck "Sten & Gruss" with trailer blue