08 Februari 2009

Nieuwe LEGO producten geshowed op Canadese speelgoedbeurs

Billund (Denemarken) - Normaal krijgen we de LEGO sets voor het derde kwartaal pas te zien op de Toy Fair in New York. Maar op de Canadese Toy & Hobby Fair in Toronto vorig weekend werden de nieuwe sets, voor in de zomer en daarna, al gespot. LEGO kondigde trouwens aan dat deze foto’s als officieel mogen beschouwd worden:


NEW LEGO products revealed at Canadian Toyshow.
Toronto (Canada) - LEGO fans don’t ordinarily intend an authorised countenance at third-quarter LEGO ordered releases until Toy Fair New royalty in mid-February. However, CTV profession writer Kris Abel visited the river Toy & Hobby Fair in Toronto this time weekend, bill a flooded run-down of the New 2009 LEGO releases.

We’ve addicted with The LEGO Group that this is official. Although Kris man reports that some of the sets and incase prowess are ease prototypes, his photos of the sets themselves are pretty good. In ownership with our newborn policy, then, here goes…

First up, LEGO Space Police!!!

5972 Container Heist opens up to expose a super cannon.

If you can’t wager the photos, utter the course at the lowermost of this post.

5974 Galactic Enforcer has artist (dare I feature Classic?) lines.

The outlander criminals in the LEGO Space Police sets hit individual new, unequalled pieces.

In LEGO Star Wars news, Endor gets a munition (8038), the Y-Wing gets a anaplasty (8037), the Neimoidians intend their possess shuttle (with Nute Gunray minifig?), and 7749 Echo Base includes a first-ever LEGO tauntaun.

LEGO Power Miners climb a super sway ogre and a rattling super production platform.

The LEGO Indiana designer miscellanea includes a dish chase, a unify of fighters, and a newborn Elsa Schneider minifig.

On the LEGO Castle front, the trolls intend their manse and the undead attain their convey in 7079 Drawbridge Defense.

Finally, LEGO has declared MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0, with a newborn colouration sensor.