Ferguson Model Tractor (Model Nr. 780 or 1980), ca. 1951.


(Assemble at LEGO tractor series, there are 10 different tools suitable for both tractors and so is all done in good LEGO quality.)

The first complex model from plastic was this Tractor. It was a bestseller. The Tractor is build out of minimal 10 differend elements. Making these model was more expensive than buying a real Ferguson Tractor in that time, a Ferguson TE 20.


The Tractor was obtainable as a set, the Samlesæt Til Model Traktor, or as loos parts. Shops sold loose parts, exacty as they would do later with the Automatic Binding Bricks and LEGO Mursten Sets. 


For Tractor Parts, take a look at this page!

These are pictures of a box, wich could be found at a LEGO shop, in the box were loose Tractor parts, wich could be purchaged loose. Number 781A



LEGO not only made a Tractor, but they also made a range of tractor parts, like a plough, cultivator, and even a cart with milkbottles. 

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Rare transparant Ferguson Tractor, ca 1951.

From a letter of Godtfred Kirk Christiansen we know only 39 of this tractor has been made.




LEGO Farmall tractor.

Besides the Ferguson models LEGO also made a Farmall Tractor.

Privatcollectie Peter Reinartz , Deutschland


LEGO worked together with a company named 'Triton', in de 50ties. This company put the Tractors together and boxed them for LEGO. Triton also made her own parts, like a tranport-item and a plough. We have also found a cultivator from the brand 'Hanse' witch seems a copy form the LEGO cultivator. We don't know if it is a illegal copy or, like Triton, a licensed copy. We know BILOfix, the wood division of LEGO, was renamed HanseTec, so it seems like a legal copy to us, but we aren't sure.  We have a page on Miniland about these Triton toys, please visit it by clicking on the logo here under: