Plastic LEGO model cars: VW Beetle 1200

The Volkswagen Beetle is in two models: the short and longer version.

The longer version, the older models, the shorter version, the newer models.

The beetles were made of transparent plastic and then painted, and there were models made of colored plastic.

Also was on the first (longer) version also has a series with and without steering wheel.

The long beetle was later sold in a garage.

The long beetle was also in the scale 1:38.

This beetle had rubber tires and a white bottom.

These were the models for LEGO VW made as advertising models.

There was also a special plate bearing the eight different beetles in different colors that were then available in the VW Dealers.

The beetle is the LEGO model car with the vast majority of colors.

Below are all our VW beetle (1200) models shown or mentioned.

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Model Description:



VW Beetle (1200) Long model

Modelnumber 1955-1969: 260

Modelnumber 1960-1970:  

Description/print: Small rear


1.Black                            14. Dark Blue

2. Yellow Gray                 15. Blue

3. Dark Gray                    16. LightBlue 

4. Light Gray                    17. Lightturqouis

5. Yellow                         18. Turqouis

6. Light beige                   19. Darkturqouis 

7. Beige                           20. KeverGreen     

8. Green beige                  21. Olive Green

9. Yellow Green                22. Reseda Green

10. Tomato Red                23. Gold metallic

11. Lak Red                      24. Metallic Blue

12. Brown Red (chestnut)   25. Reseda Green metallic

13. Dark Red                    26. Anthracite metallic 


Produced from/to: 1958-1962

The model was sometimes delivered in a plastic garage.
There are 4 different types of model:
1. With steering, colored plastic
2. With steering, transparent plastic, lacquered
3. Without steering, colored plastic
4. Without steering, transparent plastic, lacquered
(*= The red models are rare!)

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Light Blue: Beige: Light beige:
Green Yellow: Dark Red: Dark Grey:
Green: Metallic Grey: Reseda Green:
Red: Metallic Blue: Light-Grey:
Tomato Red: Black: Blue:
Blue Grey: Olive Green:  
VW Beetle 261

VW Kever (1200) Shot version

Modelnumber 1955-1969: 261

Modelnumber 1960-1970: 661

Description/print: Larger rear, Great LEGO logo on the bottom

Modelversions: VW 1200

1. Black G

2. Black R

3. DarkBlue G

4. DarkBlue R

5. Anthracite G

6. Anthracite R

7. TomatoRed G

8. TomatoRed R

9. Light beige G

10. Light beige R

11. Light Gray R

12. Light Gray G 

Produced from/to: 1962-1964

The model 261 was delivered in a beautiful VW garage with stone and white 4x8 plate.
Model Variations:
1. (G) A groove in the door (261)
2. (R) with a vertical edge of the door (661)

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Pictures Box:
VW Beetle 1:38

VW Beetle Advertising detailed 1:38
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Modelnumber 1955-1969:  

Modelnumber 1960-1970:  



1. Red

2. Gray

3. White

4. Olive Green

5. Orange

6. Beige

7. Light Brown

8. Brown

9. Black

10. Metallic Grey

11. Metallic Silver

12. Blue Gray

Produced from/to: 1953

Olive Green: Light Brown: Beige:
White: Red: Blue-Gray:
Black: Light Grey: Metallic Grey:
Orange: Metallic Silver: Brown:




1958 1959 1961 1963 1964 1965/1966


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